"I have ganglion cysts.  Normally they are not painful and will reabsorb over time.  Periodically, I get one on my wrist that sits on a nerve and is very painful.  The doctor says to treat it with cold so I have a wrist cold pack that I normally wear on it.  It eases the pain somewhat  but does not take the pain away.  


I've been using the Pain Away Balm and wondered what would happen if I put it in the refrigerator.  It solidifies so I dug out some with my fingernail and put it on my wrist.  It took the pain away immediately!  I am thrilled!  This is the best thing I have ever found for my wrist.  


Thank you!"



"The Healing Skin Salve stopped my poison ivy in its tracks. I'm an avid gardener and can't believe how well this worked to ease itching and to speed up the healing."